Saturday, March 2, 2013

Macross 7 eps 1-4 / Project dropped


It's kind of hard to say this, but I'm dropping Macross 7 as a subtitled project.

It's taking me too much time to clean up the timing to what I consider to be an accepitable level of not-badness, and this is time I'd rather be spending on either encoding stuff that needs new raws, or working with whoever (usually GUIS) on stuff that needs subs at all.

Since Macross 7 already has subs, I've pushed dixing the timing to the back burner. But after a while on being stalled, I need to move it over to "dropped".

Now, I'll still be encoding the whole series, so don't worry about that. Encoding is my thing. Timing is not, so if someone wants to pick it up, I'll probably have the raws out by the end of April at the latest.

Then, hopefully, someone will listen to our song.