Thursday, November 1, 2012

A (Incomplete) Biography of a Clear Plastic Ball with Neon Lights

Name: That One Ball
Natural Habitat: Main room of villain lairs, mecha cockpits, occasionally villain laboratories.
Energy Source: power outlet, ~110V

That One Ball has a long history working with Toei. His first known role was in 1991's Jetman, as a prominent  piece of the Vyram's base, mounted under their funky table.

His role as part of an antagonist's main set continued with 1992's Zyuranger, where he landed a part as a decoration of Bandora's telescope.

To avoid being typecast, his next role was as part of a heroic set: the main mecha cockpit in 1993's Dairanger.

The next year, he had a smaller role in a rarely used lab set in 1994's Kakuranger.

In 1995, he saw more work as part of King Pyramider's cockpit.

After another lean year, he landed a role in 1997's Megaranger, once again part of the villain's main base.

The next year, he had a guest appearance in episode 17 of Gingaman in 1998.

He then returned to his roots, once again having a regular job as part of the Demon's base in 1999's GoGoV.

In an episode of 2002's Hurricanger he was in a closet full of junk int the villain's base.

In 2015, after an absence of 13 years, he made a return in the Nininger/Drive special. Though not turned on and the upper middle tube having fallen over, it was unmistakably him

And the ball seems to be making a comeback, with an appearance in Kamen Rider Ghost's second episode. However, it remains unlit and that tube is still out of place.