Will you encode (X)?

No, really.
Before I can encode a show, I need something to encode from first. For most shows, the best source to use is the retail DVD release. There may be recompressed DVD5 isos floating around P2P networks, but those range in quality depending on the show, with early Heisei Rider faring the worst.

Where is Masked Rider V3?
Right here! Same goes for Inazuman, Kikaider, and Kikaider 01. I will not be encoding any of these series.

Why do the Space Sheriffs, Jetman, Carranger-GoGoV, Rider X-Stronger and Kuuga look worse than the rest?
Toei used cruddy tape masters for the DVDs instead of rescanning the film (or in Kuuga's case, mastering the show on analog tape)

Where's Amazon's movie?
That was a recut version of an episode. I don't do those unless they're on a disc I'm already encoding stuff from, like with the movies for Battle Fever J and Blue Swat.

Show X was broadcast in HD. Will you do Blurays?
Probably not. Hibiki-Decade and Boukenger-Goseiger were made and broadcast in HD, but don't have Blurays yet. (This is changing, though). Various Showa Rider series have been broadcast in HD on the Toei Channel (from HD scans of the original film), but we have no rips of those, and they'd only be a real improvement with X, Amazon and Stronger, which have particularly crappy DVDs.

But all the Heisei Rider movies have a BD release.
Yes, but until OOO Wonderful, the Director Cuts were DVD only, and I'm not going to bother with the "missing stuff" cuts.

Why doesn't the Decade torrent have the Decade x Den-O movie?
Because it's not really a Decade movie. It's a Den-O movie that Decade happens to be passing through.


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