Will you encode (X)?

No, really.
Before I can encode a show, I need something to encode from first. For most shows, the best source to use is the retail DVD release. There may be recompressed DVD5 isos floating around P2P networks, but those range in quality depending on the show, with early Heisei Rider faring the worst.

Where is Masked Rider V3?
Right here! Same goes for Inazuman, Kikaider, and Kikaider 01. I will not be encoding any of these series.

Why do the Space Sheriffs, Jetman, Carranger-GoGoV, Rider X-Stronger and Kuuga look worse than the rest?
Toei used cruddy tape masters for the DVDs instead of rescanning the film (or in Kuuga's case, mastering the show on analog tape)

Where's Amazon's movie?
That was a recut version of an episode. I don't do those unless they're on a disc I'm already encoding stuff from, like with the movies for Battle Fever J and Blue Swat.

Show X was broadcast in HD. Will you do Blurays?
Probably not. Hibiki-Decade and Boukenger-Goseiger were made and broadcast in HD, but don't have Blurays yet. (This is changing, though). Various Showa Rider series have been broadcast in HD on the Toei Channel (from HD scans of the original film), but we have no rips of those, and they'd only be a real improvement with X, Amazon and Stronger, which have particularly crappy DVDs.

But all the Heisei Rider movies have a BD release.
Yes, but until OOO Wonderful, the Director Cuts were DVD only, and I'm not going to bother with the "missing stuff" cuts.

Why doesn't the Decade torrent have the Decade x Den-O movie?
Because it's not really a Decade movie. It's a Den-O movie that Decade happens to be passing through.


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  1. Hi! Love what you do for the fans. Too bad there aren't enough seeders for the torrents, so I'm unable to complete the downloads! Is there anyway for there to be more seeders? I'll help seed too, and have been doing so for some of your uploads that I've managed to download fully. It's just taking forever to complete some of the others, and it's not the speed since I'm on fibre broadband...

  2. Hello my friend , thanks so much

    are you are working in Super Dimension Century ORGUSS ?, the blu ray

    this one here = http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=493498

    is possible you can upload this to MEGA please.

    Thanks so much

  3. Totally diggin' the RAW files. And if I ever learn Japanese they'll be great to watch, but until then where would you suggest finding english sub files (i.e. .srt files) that may fit well with your RAW files?

    1. well 1 thing you could do if the anime is on crunchyroll just use 9xbuddy.com to rip the subs from them

  4. Hoping these files are up to date and current! I need them!

  5. Please can you Uploading Sailor Moon Live Action in Raw complete?
    With Mega.co.nz???
    [Bunny Hat Raw]Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) (DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)
    On Torrent the Complete File is not working anymore :(
    This is so Bad :(

    I will see the Live Action complete :(
    Can you do this? :)

    1. Hi there. I wanted to ask if you could please re-upload the Gekiranger episodes you had up before. I had them on an external hard-drive, but it died on me last year, and I can't seem to find any DVD quality Gekiranger anywhere. If it's not too much trouble, of course. I would really appreciate it.



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  7. Ojamasimasu, I'm sorry to bother you. Now that nyaa.se is gone, where do you store your torrent files? Or do you also quit uploading torrent files? Either way, I really like your work. Otsukaresama desuta.