Friday, June 10, 2016

Super Sentai V-Cinema and The Movie BD box set rundown

A very kind person has started uploading isos of the Super Sentai V-Cinema and The Movie BD boxes, so here's a brief overview of what's all included, and what it looks like. (This is currently in-progress, so expect updates as I get more discs.)


These two sets contain, collectively, all of the theatrical releases and V-Cinemas (Toei's brand for live-action difect-to-video releases) that did not previously have a Bluray release, as well as all their extras and the Making Of DVDs for the included summer movies.

Actual HD
Ohranger VS Kakuranger
Carranger VS Ohranger (some effect shots upscaled from tape master)
Megaranger VS Carranger
Gingaman VS Megaranger
GoGOV movie
GoGoV VS Gingaman (some effect shots upscaled from tape master)
All summer theatrical movies, and MOST of the trailers. (Boukenger movie's teaser and trailer were upscaled)
Go-Onger Net Movies
Go-Onger VS Gekiranger
Shinkenger VS Go-Onger
Shinkenger Returns + promos
Goseiger Returns + promos
Go-Busters Returns + promos and NCOP/NCED (1080)
All images and video data files have been redone in HD.

Upscaled from the same masters the DVDs used
Ohranger VS Kakuranger promo
Carranger VS Ohranger promo
Megaranger VS Carranger promo
Gingaman VS Megaranger promo
GoGOV movie promo
GoGoV VS Gingaman promo
Timeranger VS GoGoV + promo
Gaoranger VS Super Sentai + promos
Hurricaneger VS Gaoranger + promos
Abaranger VS Hurricaneger + promo
Dekaranger VS Abaranger + promo
Magiranger VS Dekaranger + promo
Boukenger VS Super Sentai + promo
Boukenger movie teaser and trailer
Gekiranger VS Boukenger + promo
Go-Onger VS Gekiranger trailer

Upscaled from better masters than the DVDs used
Boukenger VS Super Sentai promo (DVD used a composite master, BD uses component)

Same masters as DVDs, but kept in SD

All content on the two bonus discs.