Needed DVDs

To make raws, I need DVD isos. To make very good raws, I need isos that haven't been re-encoded. Here's a list of what we don't have in their original form for Sentai, Rider, and Metal Heroes.
Series that re-encoded DVD5s will look like total crap (stuff that wasn't rescanned, or is interlaced) are in bold. Bold titles are highest priority.

Do you have the Japanese DVDs for any of these series, or isos of them in an un-re-encoded format? Pop into #sht on

Unless otherwise noted, only the volumes of these series are needed.

Super Videos and Hyper Battle Videos

These are videos distributed in magazines that come with an order form that you mail in. A few have been included Toei's DVD volumes, and so far, all the back-catalog Blurays have included them as well.

VHS Releases (these tapes are all between 10 and 22 years old now):
Zyuranger, Kakuranger, Ohranger x2, Carranger, Megaranger, Gingaman, GoGoV, Timeranger, Gaoranger, Hurricaneger, Dekaranger, Agito.

DVD releases (Bold series are from series made in SD, so the DVDs would be preferred over a potential release on Bluray):
Boukenger, Goseiger, OOO, Wizard.

Kamen Rider:

Masked Rider (original) Bonus Disc
Kamen Rider W: All 12 volumes, retail versions. (Rental versions do not include the Delusion Diaries, which were badly upscaled on the BDs)


Sun Vulcan
Gaoranger discs 1-2

Metal Heroes:

B-Fighter Kabuto
Robocon vs Robocon (DVD5)


Changerion bonus disc
Galactic Drifter Vifam OVAs (2x DVD9, only available in now-OOP box set of all of Vifam and Vifam 13)
Galactic Drifter Vifam 13 (4x DVD9 + 1x DVD5)
Rescue Force + movie
Rescue Fire
Transformers Car Robots
Ultraman Tiga Memorial Box
Ultraman Tiga Dyna Gaia Memorial Box FINAL (9-disc box of the movies and specials)


Masked Rider (original): All boxes except for box 1.
Masked Rider Kabuto
Special Police Dekaranger Boxes 2-3


  1. i need dvd please upload as soon as you can

  2. are you have the Kamen Rider Wizard & OOO full series + movie & special DVD/BluRay RAW? if you have please upload this RAW

    thank you

  3. Hi! Im starting buying original stuff on DVD and BR, and of this list i have the TVMAGA special dvd of Kyoryuger and the bonus disc of Shinken vs Goon. I´ve download via nyatorrents recently all the SUN VULCAN isos (dvd9), because i can repupload it on mega or whatever you need. At last say, that im the creator of the first Spanish Tokusatsu association called SENTOKU JIDAI, and is a pleasure to bring to you any help we can give. So look as on facebook and we can talk about it (or in same case look at TAIKERU REVIEWS on facebook too). Thanks.

    1. Oooh. The Kyoryuger Super Video and the Shinken vs Go-On bonus disc would be awesome. (I'm not seeing any Sun Vulcan DVD9s on Nyaa, though, just the recompressed DVD5s, which wouldn't improve on the Gao Soul encodes)

    2. Find me at facebook, Joseba cordon taixhisan, and we can talk about it.

  4. Good morning. I'm from Brazil and I've been getting some of your raws releases, and it's a gourgeous work that you do. I'd like to cooperate: I've got JIRAIYA ripped off Toei's original DVD, using DVD-Decrypter in mode "F". All files has been saved on my computer. How can I upload this for you?

    1. Unless you have an FTP server handy, the easiest way would probably to use a free account.

    2. I see... we have here, in the company that I work for, a 10 Gb FTP server. So I'm gonna put one disc at the time, ok? I'm in the facebook as "Ivan Betarelli", can you look for me there so we can talk better?

  5. Replies
    1. Hi. Thanks for the offer, but I no longer need Gekiranger isos. I've already got them all, and will be working on those after I finish up Kuuga.

  6. Hello I really enjoyed your releases of Digimon Seasons 1-5 its was by far the best quality digimon raw i have seen. I was just wondering when you will release digimon xros wars :) Thanks

  7. I have Sun Vulcan DVD9s. Wanna do a trade?

  8. Can seed Battle Fever plz? =)

  9. Aww i just saw that you release deka talk 1,and the other moment i thought where was the 2 and 3, hmm...wish you could get deka talk 2 and 3 source:) Oh,do you have Kyoryuger? Cuz I didn't found and raw.

  10. Do you still need Exceedraft dvd isos? If so, let me know.