Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super Dimension Fortress Macross 720p

So, there are official English subs for Super Dimension Fortress Macross.
There is also a Blu-Ray box of the series that came out earlier this year.
Somebody put the isos on ADC.

I think you know where this is going.

Anyway, here is the Macross Bluray Set, (mostly) encoded in 720p, and (mostly) subtitled, with all scripts being fully retimed.

Video: 720p (mostly), 10-bix x264, crf 20, tune grain
Audio: aac 50%
Video source on disc: rescanned film (mostly)

All 36 episodes
Macross Special (combined episodes 1 and 2)
Original broadcast version of episode 11 (featuring unfinished animation. Encoded at 640x480, as the BD set used an old brodcast tape as a soruce and upscaled it for some dumb reason)
Commercial Collection (640x480, again from an old broadcast tape, also upscaled in the BD)
30th Anniversary Special (RAW, there are no subs for this that I could use, upscaled on disc as well)
Macross PS2 game trailer (RAW, 640x480 because it's Playstation 2 game footage)
OP and ED collection (Normal NCOP and NCED each have two audio tracks, and the NCED has two subtitle tracks)
Pachinko music videos.