Space Sheriff Gavan (With Midnight Crew and Hikari Senshi 0/44)
00 MKV

Super Dimension Fortress Macross (BluRay box set, 10-bit)
720p    1080p


All raws have x264 video (8-bit unless otherwise noted), and aac audio at 50% in an mkv container. DVD-sourced widescreen video is anamorphic.

If you want to use these for any subbing or scrubbing project, feel free. (Though don't sell them, because only horrible monsters sell fansubs and raws)

If you have a request, I may be able to fill it, provided you have DVD isos, and it's not a terrible transfer like Timeranger. (ask in #sht on rizon).


Metal Heroes
Space Sheriff Gavan (10-bit from BD (720p), with Movie BD (1080p) + bonus, TV-Magazine DVD, and Memorial DVD)
Space Sheriff Sharivan (10-bit from BD (720p), with Next Generation BD + bonus (1080p, some 720p extras), DVD volume extras and Memorial DVD)
Space Sheriff Shaider (10-bit from BD (720p), with Next Generation BD + bonus (1080p, some 720p extras), movies and trailers from DVD, DVD volume extras and Memorial DVD)
Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion (10-bit)
Dimensional Warrior Spielban (10-bit)
Superhuman Machine Metalder (10 bit)
World War Ninja Jiraiya (10-bit)
Mobile Cop Jiban (10-bit)
Special Rescue Police Winspector (10-bit)
Super Rescue Solbrain (10-bit)
Special Rescue Exceedraft (10-bit)
Special Police Robo Janperson (10-bit, includes movie and trailers)
Blue SWAT (10-bit, includes movie and trailer)
Heavy Shell B-Fighter (10-bit)
B-Fighter Kabuto (10-bit)
B-Robo Kabutack: The Epic Christmas Battle (10-bit)
Iron Bark Detective Robotack and Kabutack: The Great Strange Country Adventure (10-bit)
Space Squad (10-bit, BD)

Super Sentai
Super Sentai THE MOVIE Bluray box (10-bit, 720p)
Super Sentai V-Cinema and The Movie 1996-2005 (10-bit, BD + DVD)
Super Sentai V-Cinema and The Movie 2005-2013 (10-bit, BD + DVD)
Secret Taskforce Gorenger (BD)
JAKQ Blitzkrieg Squad (10-bit)
Battle Fever J (10-bit)
Electronic Squad Denjiman (10-bit)
Solar Taskforce Sun Vulcan (10-bit)
Great Squadron Goggle-V (10-bit)
Science Squad Dynaman (10-bit)
Super Electron Bioman (10-bit)
Lightning Squad Changeman (10-bit)
Supernova Flashman (10-bit)
Light Squadron Maskman (Subbed by GUIS, from DVD5)
Great Beast Force Liveman (10-bit)
High Speed Squad Turboranger (10-bit)
Earth Squad Fiveman (10-bit)
Winged Squadron Jetman (Subbed by GUIS)
Dinosaur Squad Zyuranger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Five Star Squad Dairanger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Ninja Squad Kakuranger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Super-Powered Squadron Ohranger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Racing Squad Carranger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Electromagnetic Squadron Megaranger (Available from Shout! Factory)
Star Beast Squadron Gingaman (Available from Shout! Factory)
Rescue Squad GoGoV (Available from Shout! Factory)
Ninja Wind Squad Hurricaneger (10-bit, with movie, Vs Gao, Memorial, and 10 Years After + bonus BD)
Burstosaur Squad Abaranger (10-bit, with movie and Vs Hurri)
Special Police Dekaranger (10-bit, with movie and VS Aba)
Magical Family Magiranger (10-bit, with Super Video, movie and VS Deka)
GoGo Squadron Boukenger (10-bit, with movie and Vs Super Sentai)
Beast Fist Squad Gekiranger (10-bit, with Super Video)
Engine Squadron Go-Onger (10-bit, with Super Video, movie, net movies, and Vs Geki)
Samurai Squadron Shinkenger (BD + DVD, 10-bit, with movie + bonus disc, Vs Go-On + bonus disc, Super Video, Returns)
Invocation Force Goseiger (10-bit, with movie BD, Vs Shinken BD + bonus disc, and Returns)
Pirate Sentai Gokaiger (10-bit 720p from BD  with 199 Heroes, Movie, and VS Gavan, and all bonus DVDs)
Special Ops Cell Go-Busters (720p, 10-bit from BD with movie, VS Gokai + bonus DVD, Returns DVD and Super Video DVD)
Super Sentai "Spirits" : 2004 and 2006 (10-bit)
Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 Stage Show (10-bit)
DVD extras for Jetman-Carranger DDL

Masked Rider
Masked Rider THE MOVIE Bluray Box (10-bit, 720p)
Masked Rider (10-bit)
Masked Rider X
Masked Rider Amazon (10-bit, BD + DVD)
Masked Rider Stronger 
Masked Rider (Skyrider) (10-bit)
Masked Rider Super-1 (10-bit)
Masked Rider Specials (10-bit)
Masked Rider Black (10-bit, BD + DVD)
Masked Rider Black RX (10-bit, BD + DVD)
'90s Masked Rider productions: Shin, SD, ZO, J and World (10-bit BD + DVD)
Ultraman vs. Masked Rider DDL
Masked Rider Kuuga (10-bit, 60fps, BD + DVD)
Masked Rider Agito (10-bit, 60fps with special and movie DC)
Masked Rider Ryuki (10-bit, 60fps, DVD + BD with movie DC, special, and HBV)
Masked Rider 555 (10-bit, 60fps, DVD + BD, with movie DC + extras, Battle Talk Show, HBV, and Reunion Roundtable)
Masked Rider Blade (10-bit, 60fps, with movie DC, making of, HBV, and New Generations)
Masked Rider Hibiki (10-bit, 60fps, with movie DC + bonus and HBV)
Masked Rider Kabuto (10-bit, with movie DC and HBV)
Masked Rider Den-O (10-bit, with LOTS OF STUFF)
Masked Rider Kiva (10-bit, with movie DC)
Masked Rider Decade (10-bit. with movie DC, music videos, net movies)
Kamen Rider W (10-bit, 720p BD + DVD, with just about everything)
Kamen Rider Fourze CD BOX DVD (10-bit)
Super Hero Taihen (10-bit)
Super Hero Taisen Otsu (10-bit)

Lightning Superhuman Gridman (10-bit, 60fps)
Ultraman Tiga (10-bit, includes Final Odyssey and Gaiden)
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (10-bit)
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle NEO (10-bit)

Digimon Adventure (10-bit, with movies)
Digimon Adventure 02 (10-bit, with movies)
Digimon Tamers (10-bit, with movies)
Digimon Frontier (10-bit with movie)
Digimon Savers (10-bit with movie)

GARO Family Theater Mini-Programs
GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames (10-bit)
GARO: The Crimson Moon (10-bit)
GARO: Makai Tales (10-bit)

Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers (10-bit, with movie)
Super Lifeform Transformers: Beast Wars Neo (10-bit)
Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Legends of the Microns (10-bit)
Transformers Galaxy Force (10-bit)

Sailor Moon
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) (10-bit, 60fps)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (720p, 10-bit from BD)

Misc. Toei Toku
A Day of One Hero (10-bit)
Akumaizer 3 (10-bit)
Beautiful Masked Girl Poitrine (10-bit)
Brother Fist Byclosser (10-bit)
Super Light Warrior Changerion (10-bit, 60fps)
Daitetsujin 17 (10-bit)
Inazuman F
Lady Battle Cop (10-bit)
Ninja Captor (10-bit)
The Magnificant Zubat (10-bit)

Babel II (10-bit)
Cutey Honey Flash (10-bit, with movie)
Cyborg 009 (1968) (10-bit)
Electric Shock!! Strada 5 (10-bit)
Heavy Metal L-Gaim (10-bit)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (720p, 10-bit from BD, with official subs)
Lion Maru G
Macross 7 (BluRay box set, 10-bit, 1080p)
Medarot (10-bit)
Mobile Fighter G Gundam (10-bit)
Record of the Magic Bullet War: Ryukendo (10-bit)
Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd (10-bit, 60fps)
Super Star Gods Gransazer (10-bit)
X-Bomber (10-bit)

In Progress

(List may not be kept up-to-date)
Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger (1080p, 10-bit from BD)
Kamen Rider Gaim (1080p, 10-bit from BD)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: full Zyu2 "episodes" (10-bit, from timestamped VHS)
Ultraman Dyna (10-bit)
Ultraman Gaia (10-bit)
Galactic Drifter Vifam (10-bit) Original TV is complete. Need DVD9s of OVA discs and Vifam 13

Whatever Metal Heroes I can get DVD9isos of (10-bit)


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    1. Most Sentai DVDs and Blu-Rays don't come with ANY subs. The only exceptions tend to be movies.

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